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July 27, 2023

Hello, my name’s Addison Null-Kelly, and I’m a junior at Hennessey HS. I participate in the YAHL Counteract Tobacco campaign, fighting against the power Big Tobacco has over the people of Oklahoma. I’ve participated in the YAHL leadership team summer summit, taking surveys and getting information from the people of Oklahoma. 

I’m passionate about these laws because when I was ten, my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This wasn’t caused by her smoking, but smoker’s lungs impacted her healing journey negatively and made her healing process take longer. This is why I work with CounterAct Tobacco on implementing laws to prevent minors from accessing nicotine products and stopping the addiction before it starts. 

Studies show that 90% of nicotine addictions start before the age of 18, and I want to lower that number. If we give the power back to the communities when it comes to tobacco, we can help prevent minors from getting vapes and cigarettes. 

Supporting Counteract Tobacco in putting new policies in place will set up a better future for our youth by reducing the number of children accessing nicotine products. We need your support to help communities in Oklahoma make these laws and protect our future.

By Addison Null-Kelly, YAHL Leadership Team member from Hennessey High School

Supported by YAHL, a program of TSET.
Funded in whole or in part by the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET)

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