Oklahoma’s Youth

CounterAct Tobacco is a local campaign holding Big Tobacco accountable for targeting Oklahoma youth. We know that updating tobacco retail licensing laws will help us regain control over our state policies.

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State Laws

state laws

Oklahoma needs comprehensive tobacco retail licensing.
Here’s what we want to change:


Purchase, use, or possession (PUP) laws unfairly punish youth for the illegal sale of tobacco. They shift the blame away from the powerful tobacco industry and instead put it onto helpless kids. That's not fair!

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Oklahoma is one of just five states that still have preemption in place for licensure, smokefree indoor air, and youth access. Preemption limits local authority and takes away our right to decide for ourselves what laws are in our communities.

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Lack of Licensing

Right now, Oklahoma lacks retail licensure for e-cigarettes, vapes and nicotine-only products. Since only a sales tax permit is required, we don’t know where these products are being sold. Lack of retailer regulation can lead to an increase in youth tobacco access.

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We Deserve to Decide What’s
Best For Our Youth

It’s time to put the power back into our community leaders, parents, retailers, and teens. Together, Oklahomans can change these unfair laws hurting our youth.

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