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Keep Vapes Away From Our Youth

June 27, 2024

Hi, my name is Tiffany Harris, and I am a sophomore at Valliant High School. 

I worked with Ginavie, another YAHL member, at a CounterAct Tobacco event at a baseball game in Vaillant. We met many people who wanted to support us in counteracting tobacco. We had the chance to talk to people about how comprehensive tobacco retail licensing can help the youth in Oklahoma by preventing minors from purchasing nicotine products. Comprehensive tobacco retail licensing would require stores to have a license to not only sell cigarettes but vapes and nicotine products, too. 

I think people should support CounterAct Tobacco and the policy changes the campaign is working towards, so that stores will be required to have a license to sell nicotine-only products and vapes. This would also help keep vapes and e-cigarettes from the young community and hold those who are selling them to minors accountable.

By: Tiffany Harris, Valliant High School

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