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September 14, 2022

Hello, I am Katherine Jones, I am a sophomore at Westville High School, this is my second year in Youth Action for Health Leadership, and my first year on the Leadership Team. I am writing about CounterAct Tobacco; CounterAct Tobacco is a partner with YAHL along with Elevate Student Health. CounterAct Tobacco is trying to stop teen smoking.

Our policy is trying to restrict teens’ tobacco addiction and put the pressure on big tobacco companies. The policies are important because the tobacco companies are targeting younger kids. I think students could gain so much from being involved with YAHL, like lifelong friends, it is great on college applications, and you learn so much about what is wrong. Most kids get addicted to tobacco before they are 18 years of age, and we are trying to lower that number.

The CounterAct Tobacco campaign is working on making Oklahoma’s teen smoking rate lower. The campaign is making progress by collecting surveys and asking companies to partner with us. I think comprehensive tobacco retail licensing will have a good effect because they currently don’t need a license to sell e-cigarettes. I have become involved with YAHL by doing Take Down Tobacco Day and partner presentations. There are so many more reasons that CounterAct Tobacco is amazing, and you should join, or just check it out.

By Katherine Jones, YAHL Leadership Team member from Westville High School

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